Unit 3: Around the Town

Hello everyone! Here you have got some online resources for practicing your English!! 

Have fun and if you have any question, ask me in class :) 


libro abierto


Cities have got a lot of places to visit! There are hospitals to heal people, train stations and buses to go around, cafés to eat, police stations to protect citizens, museums to learn about history and culture, supermarkets to buy food, cinemas to watch films, shops to buy millions of things, parks to play, schools for kids to learn, big avenues to walk through and many more things...
What have you got in your town?
In my town, there are/is...

Check this video to see more vocabulary about places in town!

(don't you love the music?)


There is / There's

There are / There're

There is an apple -> hi ha una poma.

There is not an apple -> no hi ha una poma.

There isn't an apple -> no hi ha una poma.

Is there an apple-> Que hi ha una poma?


There are apples -> hi ha pomes.

There are not apples-> no hi ha pomes.

There aren't apples -> no hi ha pomes.

Are there apples ? -> Que hi ha pomes?



For practising writing, you can describe a famous city and give it to me in class. I will correct it and you will have got a positive point!

Riddles... can you find the solution???

There are ten of me,
Five in each row.
I am on your feet.
I am your ...
There are two of me.
You stand on me
And walk down the street.
I am your ...
There are two of me.
I am on your head
To help you hear.
I am your ...
There are two of me
To help you see,
And wink, and spy.
I am your ...

Si em portes la resposta a aquestes endevinalles, tindràs un positiu d'actitud i interès :)